Friday, April 24, 2009

Write a Letter to The Chancellor Protesting Unfair District 2 Preferences

A friend of mine (Delta parent!) wrote this letter to Chancellor Klein and told me to feel free to circulate to others to adapt and send. I think we really do need to protest the unfairness of District 2 having screened schools that give preferential treatment to students in the district whereas our district does not, but used to (Beacon). Anyway, here's her letter. I left off her name.  

Provided by Nancy Brandwein


Dear Chancellor Klein:

At an information session for rising 8th graders at my son's public school on the Upper West Side this week, I learned that while high schools in District 2 give a preference to residents of that district,  high schools in District 3 do not give a like preference to residents of District 3. Adding to this inequity is that there are more high schools  in  District 2 than in District 3.

It seems pretty obvious to me that, as a matter of basic fairness, either every district in the city  should have its residents enjoy a preference in schools in that district, or none should.

Can something be done about this, and soon? If not, why not?  I would be grateful for your prompt attention to this matter, and await your response.

Thank You,

[Your Name]

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