Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mock SHSAT Test?

A Mott Hall parent told me all their seventh graders took a mock specialized HS test recently and those who did well were invited into some special tutoring/test prep group (it would seem to make more sense for those who DIDN'T do well, so I may have this wrong). The point is I wondered if this is something CS does. I haven't heard of the kids taking a mock specialized HS test just to gauge where they are/how they'd do. As much as I'm not for over-testing, I think it's a smart thing to know where your kid is before the summer.

So, if no one knows I'll email Erin Hill and ask her about this. The dad from Mott Hall told me enrollment was required NOW for these private test prep classes for the fall, but this seems extreme...

Provided by Nancy Brandwein


  1. I did hear that the standard test prep companies (Kaplan, etc.) give a free assessment probably to attract you into to taking their program.

  2. This is not something that CS does. Although the SHSAT is one alternative to the non-specialized high schools, there are still many students who still choose not to take the test, for one reason or another. Therefore, giving the test to all 7th graders would not be the best use of time (and it would be yet ANOTHER test). Mr. O'Mara and Mr. Victor Rodriguez have been conducting a test prep course since the beginning of the year and it is in these courses that the students will receive practice SHSAT tests. And yes, like Sara mentioned, I would be a little leary of those places that give free mock tests. It's all about money!

  3. Is it true that the 2009 SHSAT test date will be on November 7th and 8th for 8th graders?