Monday, April 27, 2009

Acting Coach Recommendation?

Question:  Does anyone know of a good acting coach, who specializes in preparing kids for La Guardia?

Query by Sonya Houston


  1. *to be thought about:
    1. who am i speaking to?
    2. what am i saying, really in the monologue?
    3. what happened to you in the rest of the play?
    4. what do you want the other person in the play to do or to feel from you during this monologue?

    *simple games for working the monologue.
    1. play the opposite, for example, if the words are sad then play them as if they are funny haha way or with anger or other possibilities. do not have to stay in one feeling throughout the monologue and this will help find some other possibilities of emotional layering.
    2. give yourself a simple task during the monologue for example pretending to be cooking or on the computer (pretending) but in a real audition, simple standing position and NOT looking at the panel in their eyes and faces is important. face the panel but do not look into them during the monologue.
    BUT be clearly heard and be seen.
    "be heard and be seen" first rule of acting.

    3. be yourself in spite of the character condition and character personality. the panel is not expecting perfection to the play but just want to know you.

  2. Dear S. Suga, Sonya Houston, who asked the original question is wondering who you are?