Monday, October 26, 2009

McCourt School Application Timing

After looking into the issue of HS app timing, here is what happens (verified by Erin Hill, our CS counselor) with new schools like Frank McCourt.

The new schools are announced by the DOE in early Feb., too late to include on our HS apps, which are due Dec. 4. The Specialized and Non-Specialized matches come out in the Specialized Round, also in early Feb. If we get a match at that point, we have to accept before McCourt is activated. Thus, unless something changes, kids who get a Spealized match (and therefore also Non-Specialized) in Feb. won’t be able to consider McCourt unless they very riskily turn down both offers which no one in their right mind would do.

Main-round students, however, will be able to include McCourt. They can attend the New School Fair or otherwise research the new schools announced in Feb. and will have the option to revise their application to add one or more new schools into their order. Therefore, those students wil be able to consider McCourt equally with all the other existing schools. According to Erin, NYCiSchool started off the same way (accepting applications in February) and ended up with a great group of kids.

The downside for McCourt is that the school won't get any students like my son who are taking the SHSAT not so much because they really want a Specialized HS but because they want the opportunity for early notification, there is no downside, and it’s good experience. This pool of kids like Ben, it seems to me, are ideal McCourt candidates and the school won’t get any of them (or as many) in Year One because of this timing glitch.

I ran into Gale Brewer at Saturday’s Global Learning Collaborative tour and she said she was aware of the issue and thought that in the case of McCourt, there might be some kind of "waiver.” She was too busy to pin down beyond that so I don’t know what she meant. I e-mailed her and Shula Warren for more info, which I will pass along once I get it.

Global Learning Collaborative and Brandeis Complex

I toured Global Learning Collaborative on Saturday (all 5 rooms of it since it is in it's "pioneer" year) and was was impressed with academic dean, Rachel Dahill-Fuchel, the philosophy of the school, and the overall feeling of what they are working to create. (I also met principal Jennifer Zinn at the HS Fair on Sunday, who confirmed my impression.)

The building itself, The Brandeis Complex, is a "real high school" kind of building with lots of light, wide hallways, a beautiful auditorium (that PS 87 alums will remember from our graduation ceremony), three gyms, a library, science labs and large, well-lit classrooms. There is a large open courtyard in the middle (not visible from the street) with new plantings. The school "owns" or is otherwise connected to the garden at the corner of 84 and Amsterdam and the kids at GLC and Green Careers (another new school in the complex) have the opportunity to work there.

Right now, there is a metal detector at the main entrance, but Gale Brewer, also at the tour, said that it is almost certain that it will be going away soon.

If you want more information about GLC, it's not too late. Rachel is available via telephone at 212 918 1983 or e-mail at She said interested families are welcome to drop by for a visit if you contact her prior. You can also check out GLC's website at

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Global Learning Collaborative

Rachel Dahill-Fuchel, Academic Dean at Global Learning Collaborative and a GLC student (CS ’09) will be at CS Cosi's Coffee Talk this Friday, Oct 23, to speak with 8th-grade parents regarding the school. Coffee Talk is a bi-weekly gathering coordinated by Sara Sloves, Computer School parent coordinator.

Where: Cosi's on Broadway (in the back), betw. 77 and 78

When: 8 am to 9:30 am

The second and last Global Learning Collaborative open house will be held at GLC, 145 W 84th, this Saturday Oct. 24, 10am-12pm. For more information:

GLC will also be at the Manhattan HS fair Oct. 24 and 25.

The second and last Global Learning Collaborative open house will be held at GLC, 145 W 84th, this Saturday Oct. 24, 10am-12pm. For more information:

GLC will also be at the Manhattan HS fair Oct. 24 and 25.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Response from BP Stringer's Office re D3 High Schools and Input Link

I wanted to introduce myself as the Borough President’s community liaison to the Upper West Side and Community Board 7 and thank you for writing to Borough President Stringer with your concerns on the availability of quality high schools for District 3 students.

As you know, a proposal has been made for the Frank McCourt High School to be placed at the former Brandeis High School Campus. Input on this high school can be directed to the Panel for Educational policy who will be reviewing this proposal. The best address to send input would be or (718) 935-4415.

Please feel free to contact me with any further questions or concerns.

Corey Peterson

Corey Samantha Peterson
Community Liaison for Community Boards 5 & 7
Office of Manhattan Borough President Scott M. Stringer
Municipal Building, 1 Centre Street, 19th Floor
New York, NY 10007

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ratio of Boys to Girls in NYC High Schools

Very interesting information, analysis, and comment dialogue at Inside Schools about the ratio of girls to boys in NYC high schools.

Provided by Nancy Brandwein

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Borough High School Fairs

For those brave souls who want to go to a HS fair (I heard the citywide was absolutely crazed)—

Saturday, October 24 and Sunday, October 25
11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Manhattan: Martin Luther King, Jr., Educational Campus 
122 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10023

For information about other boroughs, see the Borough Fair Flyer

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sign Up for Beacon Interview Online

You can sign up for a Beacon interview online on their site. It's hard to find The Computer School on the list of Middle Schools. Just type in 245 in the search field and it'll come up. (Sorry, I don't know about other schools.)