Tuesday, June 2, 2009

High Schools Accepting CS Students

At the CS High School Night meeting, families asked the counselors to recommend high schools to research. Here is their response also provided in hard copy via CS kids

While it is not our policy to list our preferences, as each individual student has their own needs and requirements from a school, we have put a list of those high schools to which this past two 8th grades have been accepted. Again, please understand that these are not high schools that we are recommending, but simply a list that may give you a starting point when you begin your own research this summer.

The list is as follows:

Arts, Imagination and Inquiry (HS of)                        

Bard I and II                                          


Bronx Science (SHS)

Brooklyn Latin (SHS)

Brooklyn Technical (SHS)

Economics & Finance (HS of)           

Eleanor Roosevelt                                                                     


Essex Street Academy                                                             

Facing  History

Frederick Douglass Academy                                                                                

Global Learning Collaborative                                                 

Health Professions (HS for)

Humanities Prep                                                             

LaGuardia (SHS)                                                          

Language and Diplomacy (HS of)

Lehman – American Studies (SHS)

Manhattan Center for Science & Math

Manhattan/Hunter College for the Sciences                       

Manhattan Village Academy

Math, Science & Engineering at City College (SHS)


Murry Bergtram (several programs within the school)

Museum School


NYC iSchool

Pace HS                                                                        

Philip Randolph HS                             

School of the Future                                                    

Stuyvesant (SHS)                                                        

Talent Unlimited

Urban Assembly for Design and Construction

Urban Assembly for Media Studies

Of course there are other schools to look at which are not listed. Understand that District 2 schools such as Baruch, NYC Lab, Eleanor Roosevelt, NYC Museum School, School of the Future, etc. are very difficult to get into as they give priority to District 2 students. However, other than Baruch and NYC Lab, they have accepted a few of our students this year. 

We hope this gives you some idea as to where to begin your search. Also, please reference the high school handbook that you received at the meeting on April 6 (which is also posted on our website computerschoolcounselors.org. On there you will find much information on the high school process, and support, as you make your way through the next several months. There are many new schools out there that are 2 and 3 years old and just need to be given a chance.  There are a lot of good programs being created every year and some very dedicated and hard working teachers and staff behind these programs. Please be sure to visit and ask lots of questions of the teachers and staff when you get the chance. 

It is imperative that you do your own research on each and every school that you list on your application. Good luck and have a great summer!

Provided by Erin Hill

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