Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Beacon Open House Comments

I just wanted to share some information. I went to Beacon tonight and the tour was from 5-7pm. Well we got there early...hmmm 4:45 to a line that was up the block. Anyway we went in and were in a tour group led by a student and saw 4 classes, Math, History and Science (twice). Was told to got to the cafeteria to get information about after school programs and good bye. Well, I was really unimpressed and started thinking...what is all the hype about?  I pressed my way around to find an adult who may know something more. I felt very confused and as if I had very little information...what about English, Foreign Language and The Arts? What time does school start? Students go out to lunch? Help! 

So, we made our way around and joined some other confused parents and found an English/Music teacher. He was helpful and cleared up some of my questions. We basically joined other parent groups and made our way to Art and Foreign Language. They take a lot of trips and they are having an Art show June 19th. After an additional hour there, I felt much better. I just knew it had to be more to Beacon. 

They are having 2 more tours in the fall. So if others went on the tour and felt like myself I would suggest going on one of the tours in the fall. This one was just not that well organized...or maybe it was. But I felt better after seeing two other classes.

Provided by Sonya Houston

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  1. Beacon has a Student Chat room during the Open House where current students answer questions about day-to-day life at Beacon. In addition, many NYC high schools have websites. Most answers to basic questions are answered directly on the school's website.

    L. Johnson- Mifflin