Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cases of Acceptance into Specialized HS ONLY

I wrote this to Erin Hill:

Ben's dad ran into an 8th grade parent that said some kids at CS got accepted to one Specialized HS and NO other school match. My understanding from you and DOE meeting is that those who apply to Specialized's get two acceptances. One to a Specialized and one to a Non-Specialized match. You can even have three if you add LaGuardia in to the equation. Can you clarify?

Her answer:

That is correct. As a matter of fact, I did mention this at meeting that this was the first year that this happened. Quite honestly what happened, was that no other Non-Specialized HS ranked the student, resulting in no match for the student.  In 2 of the cases, the student put down unrealistic schools and were therefore not a good match for those schools, resulting in no match. It is now my understanding that regardless of whether or not the student does well enough to get accepted into a Specialized HS, they still have to be realistic when choosing the other schools. The Specialized HS's do not look at grades, attendance, test scores etc., so it doesn't matter how good or poor of a student you are. You can be a good test taker and get into a Specialized HS.

On the other hand, yes, it is possible to be accepted into 3 schools: a testing Specialized HS, LaGuardia, and a Non-Specialized HS.  

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