Thursday, May 21, 2009

Include Our Kids in the Process

Regarding the May 20 information meeting:

I can't remember if this was covered before but in the HS application process you must research requisites for eligibility and school preference. 

 I would like my son to attend one of these sessions. The DOE has created a maze of hurdles for our students. Many parents will have trouble digesting the details even if they even find the time in their overstacked schedules. We should include the students wherever possible; they can help themselves by participating since their futures depend on the outcome and often they have better memory for details! 

Meanwhile, we can continue to write about the intricacies of restrictions, preferences, eligibility requirements for various schools as these are revealed, along with schedules for open houses, information sessions etc. 

Courage and strength!

Provided by Ina Greenfield

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