Sunday, May 24, 2009

How Computer School Submits Grades on Student's HS Application

After reading Nancy Brandwein’s notes from the May 20 meeting, Erin Hill wrote this:

Everything that Bonnie has been saying at these meetings is everything that I said at my meeting, so I am glad that at least what I've been saying has been right!!  

With respect to grades being on the HS application, our students' applications will NOT have their grades on theirs as we do not use the same report card system that all the other schools use. Therefore their 7th grade grades are not transferred into the system automatically. That, unfortunately, is the tedious job of the counselors.  So, if you feel it would be necessary to check the grades, you will need to request one of us to print out what we entered into the system.  

The Computer School classes are ALL considered accelerated, so that is how I mark it in the system.

If your child is sick the day of the Specialized HS Test and is unable to take the test, YOU WILL NEED TO OBTAIN A DOCTOR'S NOTE CONFIRMING THE SICKNESS!  I hope Bonnie mentioned that, as they do not make it easy to take make-ups.  

RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH over the summer!  Make sure the school is the RIGHT fit for YOUR child!!

Then I wrote back: I don't understand. Are these "automatic" grades that we won't have that have to be manually input and will be in the computer but not on the hard copy application? When you have a minute, please clarify.

Erin replied: I know, it's a bit confusing. Most schools use the DOE system with respect to printing out report cards and inputng their grades. That is not our case. We use teacherease for our report cards which means that it is a TOTALLY different system and is not linked to the DOE's system. Therefore, when they say that students' 7th grade grades should be on the application, it is because those applications ARE linked to the DOE grading system which automatically puts them on the application.  I have to manually input them into the High School Application System seperately which takes a while and the HS applications are printed out WAY before I am able to get them into the system. It really is not a big problem NOT having them on the application, because the applications don't go anywhere except for a file in my drawer. I do not mail them off to anywhere, they are simply applications used to write down your HS choices, which are signed by both student and parent, and then given to me. High Schools DO see the grades that I input.  

I hope this was more clear.  I, myself, get confused too so I totally understand your confusion.  I just don't want parents to get worried that their child's grades are not on the application, and they don't have to fill them in!

Provided by Erin Hill

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