Sunday, September 20, 2009

Baruch College Campus HS Heads Up

Here is Erin Hill's (CS Counselor) response to my query about Baruch. If anyone hears anything different, let me know. Does anyone from Delta or other schools have any info?—SM

As for Baruch. . .well, they are really the only school that has said "if you are not in District 2, then don't bother." Parents have told me that the person who runs the tours has directly said that, and he has said it to me. We have NEVER had a student accepted there. They seem to follow the rules to a T, whereas ELRO may be a tad more flexible (that may change, however).

I honestly believe that it is a wasted spot if someone puts it on their application. Again, this will be your decision in the end. If you still would like to tour, I would suggest throwing the District 2 question out there to see if their tune has changed.

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